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Federal government monitoring protests in Hamilton →


Seems like they were looking at Line 9 resistance particularly

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Mr. Harper, it’s time for Canada to arm Ukraine →

I cannot emphasize enough how awful a fucking idea this is. Unless we actually want an open war between the Ukraine and Russia with tens of thousands dead, in which case this is a tremendous idea. Grod is talking as though open war is inevitable, and this is an extremely dangerous position to take. Putin’s violating international law to be sure, but the idea that we should take an already volatile conflict and start escalating with arms sales is a recipe for disaster. 

Paul Grod is President of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko is in Canada today for an official visit. He comes to Canada at a time when his own country faces down a revanchist Russia that seeks to re-establish its empire. After the illegal invasion and annexation of Crimea in March, Russian troops have now invaded southeastern Ukraine. Western democracies have been unequivocal in their condemnation of Vladimir Putin’s aggression, but they have thus far been unwilling to take the necessary measures to stop him. This has sent Mr. Putin a dangerous signal – that his behavior, though unwelcome, will be tolerated.

The West must do more. First, strong, comprehensive sectoral sanctions against the Russian defense, energy and financial sectors should be imposed to make clear to Mr. Putin that his continued belligerence and flagrant violation of international law will have serious consequences. Second, the West needs to provide Ukrainians the means with which to defend themselves. Weapons, especially anti-tank systems, will give the Ukrainian army the ability to defend its territory; military trainers will help Ukraine’s army modernize more quickly; and medical trainers will help Ukraine’s army minimize casualties. Furthermore, Canada can counter Russia’s economic blackmail by opening up new markets to Ukraine by signing a free-trade agreement and further loosening visa restrictions.

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Justin Trudeau’s abortion stance 'undemocratic,' say ex-MPs →

the astounding irony about the “such a discriminatory policy” remark is that, after leaving the computer to refill my coffee and coming back, i briefly had no idea if they were referring to trudeau’s party line or to the anti-choice stance. i’m often the last person to defend trudeau but if anything about this situation is anti-democratic it’s the anti-choice position. amazing how these former MPs want the right to dissent, but can’t be arsed to extend to the pregnant the right to choose.

Seven former Liberal MPs have publicly denounced Justin Trudeau, saying he is violating the spirit of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms with his stance on abortion issues.

In May, Trudeau announced that new candidates for the party would be screened for their views on abortion and that anyone with anti-abortion views would have to agree to “vote pro-choice” on any bills. Sitting MPs would also have to agree to vote along party lines.

"How can such a discriminatory policy serve the democratic ideals of our great nation?" the ex-MPs wrote in an open letter.

Trudeau has attempted to brand himself as a champion of openness and transparency, including committing to an open nomination process for prospective candidates in the next election. The ex-MPs who signed the letter say Trudeau’s abortion policy shows he isn’t respecting that promise.

"My hope is that this will generate debate about what we expect from our members of Parliament. Are they merely parrots who repeat what the leader says or are they people who can take positions that they think are in the best interests of the country?" said Tom Wappel, former Liberal MP for Scarborough-Southwest and one of the letter writers.

Wappel, who is an adviser to the anti-abortion group Campaign Life Coalition, said he worries a similar policy could eventually be applied to other issues such as euthanasia and human cloning. […]

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Anonymous asked: Just a heads up: the stat about the black prison population you reblogged isnt true. In the article linked it says that the black prison population increased 80%, not is 80% of the total prison population


an important clarification. thank you.

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jsyk, only 2.9% of the population in Canada is black, and yet black Canadians makes 80% of prisons and are mostly likely to get mistreated in them

tell me again racism doesn’t exist Canada. (: 

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we just broke a thousand followers. we’re glad you enjoy canadian political articles with flippant commentary and swear words. please stay for more

we just broke a thousand followers. we’re glad you enjoy canadian political articles with flippant commentary and swear words. please stay for more

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Quebec Liberals working on 'moderate' Charter of Values →

no no no no no

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Quebec laws keep undocumented children out of school | rabble.ca →

For two years, 13-year-old Max stayed home while most children his age made their way to school in Quebec. Max and his mother applied to become refugees in Canada and while their application was in process, Max attended school. But when their application got denied, he was ineligible to go to public school for free and his mother would have to pay $5,000 to $6,000 per year. At the time, Max’s mother, who cleaned houses to pay rent, could not afford the fees and so Max remained at home. Two years later, the family got their status and he attended school once again. However, advocates argue that being away from school has a long-lasting effect on the social and personal progress of undocumented children like Max.

This September as children across Quebec head to school, untold numbers of undocumented children, like Max, will be left behind, according to the Education Across Borders Collective, a Montreal-based advocacy group. 

Most cities in North America offer free primary and secondary education for all children regardless of their immigration status. However, non-status children in Quebec cannot attend public school unless they are charged with the $5000 to $6000 fee. Most undocumented families in Canada have a hard time affording to pay the fee because of their precarious situations. 

"It’s a very confusing system… people’s status and paperwork are reversible but what is not reversible and what can’t be changed is the effect on these children who are being kept from school," said Malek Yalaoui, a member of the Education Across Borders Collective

Yalaoui added that Quebec is the only jurisdiction in North America that systematically prevents non-status children from attending school for free. 

"Quebec really stands out alone in the world on this issue," she said. 

The collective is demanding that the Quebec Ministry of Education change the law to allow free public education for all children. The group is also calling people across Canada to take part in actions and campaigns to pressure the government to change its law. 

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Kashechewan student funding decision by feds 'devastating' →
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Andrew Coyne: Just because McGuinty hasn't broken laws by lobbying does not make it right in any way →
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